About Me

Stephanie MauldingMy name is Stephanie Maulding and I’m an independent retouch artist and blogger based out of San Francisco.

With a degree and professional background in advertising photography, I have 9 years of professional experience in the field of digital imaging. Outside of freelancing, I have run two graphics and marketing departments and have also worked with historical photos as a digital restoration artist. Really, I’ve dabbled in just about every corner of photographic digital imaging.

Over the years, I have developed a very strong perspective on retouching and the beauty standards propagated by the art and I share my views on the industry in my blog. When it comes to retouching, I believe in staying as loyal to the original image as possible and I believe in natural and realistic retouching on people. My style is distinctive but refined.

I have studied the ethics of retouching and the history of beauty standards extensively and I stand behind the things I write and the retouching results I produce. When working with clients, my goal is always to work closely as a team (large or small) to create beautiful, natural images that everyone involved can be proud of. I always take my clients’ aesthetics into consideration, but ultimately when you work with me, you can always be assured that ethical, body positive retouching is something that I will adhere to as closely as possible…and in today’s market that is becoming more and more of a consumer demand. People are keeping a close eye on the media and are becoming very retouching savvy. (And retouching critical.)

I hope that you enjoy my blog and if you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love educating and interacting with people through my writing, but I also love to work on my own projects. I do still keep up with current freelance work in addition to running my blog. So, if you’re a photographer, agency, publication, or even an individual go ahead and send me your images and let’s talk about how we can make them the best they can be!

FAQ’s about working with me can be found on the “Want to Work With Me?” tab. You might want to check it out as some of my policies are covered.

Please send any inquiries or images to stephanie@stephanie-maulding.com