Client Information

Information for Prospective Clients

  • I accept projects big and small. I price loosely on an hourly basis and can offer an estimate once I see your images. The time it takes me to retouch an image is highly variable depending on the work needed. I sometimes do a large number in an hour and I have also spent many hours on one image. To receive an estimate, send photos (either low or high res) to along with a brief description of your vision for the photo(s) and ideally some idea of how the photo(s) will ultimately be used.


  • My turnaround time can vary based on my current workload, but I always try to get your images back to you as soon as possible. Please let me know if you are working with a deadline and I will do my best to accommodate it. If you know in advance that you’ll have images for me to retouch on a certain date, you can always let me know ahead of time to try to reserve time for you. For large projects, reserving time does require a non-refundable deposit. (This is because reserving time can cause me to turn away other work for that time slot and if you then cancel, this is problematic for me.)


  • Speaking of time: I am an unusual freelancer. I do not work on weekends except for established clients in emergency situations. I do not work on an on-call basis. I also don’t work late nights unless it is an emergency deadline situation and I am not always responsive during non-business hours. I set this boundary a few years ago when I decided it was important to me to have a personal life with my loved ones. I hope you can respect this. That said, I do make exceptions for emergencies with established clients. New clients are rarer but not out of the question.


  • I work with all color spaces and image formats. My most commonly delivered color space is Adobe RGB (1998). I typically deliver images in the same format I receive them, with the exception of RAWs which I deliver by default as TIFFs unless I know a client prefers JPEGs. If you have a particular color space or file format you would like me to deliver, please let me know in your initial e-mail.


  • I can receive photos via any standard file delivery service (Dropbox, YouSendIt, etc.) If you are sending JPEGs in small quantities, I can also accept them via e-mail. (Please be certain that your attachment is small enough or else I may not receive it. When in doubt, follow up with a text e-mail.) I typically deliver via Dropbox.


  • Respecting copyright is important to me! If you are not the original photographer of the images being submitted, I do require that you have the photographer’s permission to have the work retouched. Please let me know upon submission if you are not the original photographer.


  • While I appreciate figure photography as a beautiful art form, at this time, I do not retouch nude photos. Implied nudity that falls within American non-adult publication standards is fine. I am also comfortable working with partial nudity that will ultimately, after retouching, fall within American non-adult publication standards. (e.g. Accidental exposure of body parts that need to appear covered in the final retouch.)


  • I do request the ability to use final images in my portfolio, blog, and/or social media. It is up to you whether or not “before” versions can be shown. I will provide photographer credit wherever possible along with links when possible. If, for some reason, you can’t or do not want to have your photos used in my portfolio or blog, please let me know.


  • Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.